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This was my first Brazilian ever and I had SUCH a good experience!! The receptionist was sweet and friendly and made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. Once I went into the room for the sugaring, Kimmie made me feel really comfortable and explained every step to me. She kept me talking and distracted and made the time go so quickly! She did an amazing job! I already booked my next appointment. Definitely recommend!!
— Catalina G.
I have been going to Kimmie consistently for facials for the last few months and have had a great experience! She took the time to talk to me before and evaluate my skin. She is knowledgeable about her products and the ingredients in each product. She gave me a few recommendations for skin care products. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin and am now comfortable with just a little concealer instead of a full face. On top of her being amazing at what she does she is down to earth and has a great sense of humor. Highly recommend!
— Nichole E.
WOW. I just have to say that I never write reviews, but I think it is worth it to make an exception for this. I went to get a brazilian for the first time in a long time and I couldn’t have had a better experience! I did a TON of research beforehand on where to go as I am new to the area and finally decided on here, and making my appointment online was fast and easy. When I arrived for my appointment the place smelled amazing (this wasn’t really important but it helped make the already lovely atmosphere even lovelier) and Brenda who was sitting at the desk was very nice and started me on my paperwork immediately. My appointment did start a couple of minutes late, but that was only due to the person before me taking her time leaving the room. I saw Kimmie who was INCREDIBLE. Since I’ve had sugaring done before I knew what to expect, but she still walked me through the basics since it had been a while. The whole thing took about 20 minutes and although my pain tolerance is high I could tell she did a great job making it as painless as possible. She also was so so good at keeping me distracted and talking throughout. She was nice, thorough, and very calming. By far the best esthetician I have ever had.

All in all this was a spectacular experience! If you are deciding between places to go let me help you and choose here. You won’t regret it!
— Rachel Y.
And what a gem Kimmie is! She’s so professional and gentle and always super thorough on my appointments; it’s never been anything but a quick, easy, and pleasant experience! Not to mention the office is immaculate and so serene and cozy. I am so happy I switched to sugaring and wouldn’t dream of going to anyone but Kimmie :)
— Ashley C.
Kimmie is amazing! it was my first time ever getting sugared and I was beyond nervous. I had a terrible experience with waxing many years ago and couldn’t shake those nightmarish imagines from my head! Kimmie explained the entire process to me and made sure I was comfortable with everything before she proceeded with anything. I’ve already booked my return appointment and can’t imagine ever getting waxed again or getting sugared at a different place!
— Keri G.
It was my first time getting a brazilian and the sugaring technique seemed so interesting! Since I started with sugaring, I don’t think I can convert to waxing. I had such a good experience with Kimmie. She was nice and she asked me if I was doing okay often during the session. She explained everything well and talked to me throughout the session to get my mind off things. I was nervous when I first got there and I was curious to how much it’d hurt. I can handle pain pretty well so I think the pain might’ve only been a 5/10! Most of it was tolerable with some parts hurting a lot but it was not bad. I felt comfortable and it didn’t feel weird because Kimmie has been doing this for a while and she is used to doing this for many women! This was a good way for someone to treat herself and it’s definitely important to take care of your body. I have not had any issues with ingrown hairs or inflammation yet but I feel really clean and it feels great. I feel more confident and the office itself is really cute. I am definitely going to come back :)
— Kelly T.
Amazing experience with Kimmie! I went for my first brazilian yesterday and honestly am so glad to have started at this place. I was a total newbie to hair removal, never even had my eyebrows done before! I’m not a pain wimp and am actually relatively comfortable with my body - but there’s something about laying on a table, naked from the waist down with your legs butterflied out, that instills a bit of nervousness in a girl. Kimmie was so nice and informative, and once we got past the initial few introductory minutes we were chatting away as she ripped away! I also tend to laugh - a lot - when faced with acute pain or fear (don’t take me to a haunted house with you if you don’t want a laugh track with it). I kept bursting into laughter during the process and she didn’t make me feel awkward at all. It ended up being a really fun experience - I’m looking forward to filling up my loyalty card with Kimmie!
— Ashley P.
Kimmie worked with me from my first visit to reshape my eyebrows and encouraged me to grow out the shape, which was a great decision! My experiences are always great. Kimmie is on time, friendly, and knows a lot about sugaring and other skincare. I definitely recommend going. Also, sugaring has been a lot less painful than waxing or threading. Bonus!
— Erica S.
Kimmie is the absolute best! She knows so much about all of the products and makes every visit an experience. I had a facial with her and my skin looked amazing afterwards — my mom got one from her too and I swear she walked out looking years younger. She also does sugaring and asks you to tell stories while she does it to keep your mind off the pain. So cute. This place is a gem and Kimmie will be my “sugar mama” until she retires.
— Kelley D.
I have been getting facials with Kimmie for the past 6 months and I can honestly say that my skin has never looked better. She is very knowledgeable about skin care. I have to add that this is one of the most relaxing facials I have ever gotten and obviously the added benefits of getting one is a plus!! I highly recommend you try her services!!
— Trista S.

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